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Ic TC58FVB160FT-85

Cable Accessories Co., Ltd. Changsha 220kV cable accessories full range of testing through the national type, and IC TC58FVB160FT-85 and in August 25, 2007 through the national pre-qualification test. Manufacturing Cable Accessories Co., Ltd. Changsha rated voltage 220kV XLPE insulated power cable line of cable accessories, electrical equipment off the electric power industry through the quality inspection center of the type testing, the test trial in accordance with the standards GB / Z; 18890.1 ~ 18890.3 - 2002 rated voltage of 220kV (Um = 252kV) XLPE insulated power cables and their attachments, the detection of the products include: YJZWC4-127/220 outdoor terminal; YJZWC4F127/220 complex sets of outdoor terminal; YJZGG-127/220GIS end; YJJTI-127/220 through joint; YJJJI-127/220 insulation joint. The detected type of pilot projects are all qualified, marked made in China has exceeded 220kV series of cable accessories, high voltage cable accessories products fully with international standards. Cable Accessories Co., Ltd. of Changsha and organized a linked network operations and expand pre-qualification test, and further long-term product reliability testing to ensure product safety and reliability, in the Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of hanging on after a year of operation, in 2007, 8 formally adopted by 25 test, all the projects are all eligible for testing, obtain pre-qualification test reports, the results of this breakthrough, marking Chinas 220kV line of cable accessories, long-term reliable and safe operation, have been able to meet market-oriented the needs of customers, high voltage cable accessories products have been fully with international standards

TC58FVB160FT-85 Suppliers

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TC58FVB160FT-85 Price

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