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P965 debut as we all know, when it adopted the ICH8 chipset is no longer supported on the IDE channel. After all, there are a lot of the hands of users upgrade IDE hard disk or CD-ROM, IDE optical storage device market is still the mainstream. So Intel's own motherboards, including integrated third-party chipsets to support the IDE. The one hand there may be compatibility issues, it also caused the cost of the motherboard manufacturers. In the Gigabyte P31-DS3, and IC TC74ACT14FT and matching the original South Bridge chip is ICH7. ICH7 supports the specification is a standard 4 SATAII disk interface, a native UltraATA100 data interface; support Gigabit Ethernet and HDA Codec audio controller and support

TC74ACT14FT Suppliers

Into December, the major mobile phone manufacturers already gearing up, competing for the annual mobile phone market by the end of the see-saw battle early promotional detonated. Recently, this reporter learned from Amoi, from December 18 onwards, the nationwide launch of Amoi theme of "millions of attack, fine picturesque" promotion. Looking back on 2004, with the R & D strength, technological breakthrough the bottleneck, Amoi mobile phones can be described as fine and TC74ACT14FT Suppliers and deeply brilliant. New Year approaching, Amoi mobile phones are particularly significant dedication ceremony of the five, Amoi full range of models will be a collective initiative to add a surprise for the end of the year the market.

TC74ACT14FT Price

Dongguan local LED ground lights manufacturers Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., of Guangdong Province Mr Li Xuliang LED Industry Alliance, said in an interview, the province plans to implement the construction of about 1500 km, the scale of about 100,000 of the LED lights demonstration and TC74ACT14FT Price and extension projects, the provinces production of LED lights enterprises and its upstream and downstream enterprises, is a great good news. "Each set of LED lights at the current prices for 5000 yuan, about 100,000 LED lights behind the sales market of 6 billion, bringing taxes to the government about 100 million yuan." Lixu Liang said.

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