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PoE as a cost effective solution increasing use in a wide range of equipment necessary to supply a lot of programs will increase to more than 20W power level requirements become the key to the sustainability of using PoE. So far, the power level is still less than 20W, limiting the type of PoE applications. Today, the rules and IC TC74HC05AF and technology to higher power levels and faster data transfer rate can be used.

TC74HC05AF Suppliers

Mobile device market experienced after the first quarter of the off-season, into the second quarter, the market gradually increased with temperature with the weather, the connector is particularly eye-catching, the spot market dealers said that the domestic market this year, mobile phone connection control orders were higher than last year, demand is robust. Off-season in the first quarter, in the "2005 only 5% of the global handset market growth rate" under the influence of mobile phone components market dealers have shown pessimism. However, despite this, this has not affected China to become a truly global superpower production and TC74HC05AF Suppliers and sale of mobile phone, Chinese mobile phone market potential and demand for multimedia, camera, Bluetooth and other functions driven applications, is still the highlight of the global mobile devices market . Data show that cell phone connectors, PCB, LCD, battery and other key components have room for growth, while the spot market is the most obvious is the sensor connector, dealers Measure the volume of orders rose in apparent high.

TC74HC05AF Price

Fairchild China and TC74HC05AF Price and Southeast Asia sales and marketing vice president, Chen Kun and said: "FDMC7570S to meet the global demand for lower power consumption, enabling more energy-efficient technology needs, Fairchild has been in response to these the forefront of technical challenges, and we are pleased to see the industry recognize our efforts, our products named "Today's electronic" Ten DC-DC power products ."

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