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According to foreign media reports, from Samsung Electronics, said in an internal forecast, in 2010, used in personal computers will exceed the proportion of NAND flash memory DRAM memory. Samsungs internal forecasts that in 2007, the vast majority of flash memory used in computers is still below the number of DRAM, however, with a variety of system performance can be greatly improved flash-based technologies (such as Intels memory speed, AMDs HyperFlash and IC TC74HC10AF and Microsofts ReadyBoost) are continuously introduced in 2008. Flash technology will be spread more rapidly. Samsung also that, since the production cost of NAND flash memory continues to decline, hybrid hard drives (HHD) and solid-state flash disk (SSD) will be as the main storage device and accelerate growth. Samsung different, some industry observers flash PC market outlook skeptical. They replace solid-state flash disk drive example. Some NAND flash memory in 2006 had predicted that the manufacturers, PC market, flash memory will soon replace the traditional hard drive. But the truth is, due to price and technology, and many other reasons, at least in the near future, Flash will not replace traditional hard disk · provide red, yellow, green, blue, cold white, warm white natural light and color output and other Select

TC74HC10AF Suppliers

people are worried that China may be a large-scale construction of new production capacity, and TC74HC10AF Suppliers and now plans to expand capacity in China has been put on hold. China has been unable to establish the technology to use advanced technology and manufacturing base.

TC74HC10AF Price

NECLCD4610 NEC introduced this year are three large-screen display size of the largest, but its ultra-thin design to smooth allows users to easily move, with better portability for office in the telephone conference and TC74HC10AF Price and efficient tool for multimedia presentations. And NECLCD4610 8ms response time with Gray, the best resolution of 1366 * 768, brightness 500cd/m2, contrast ratio 1000:1, color saturation up to 72%, EtraView patented technology enables wide viewing angle of up to 176 ° viewing angle more than the industry as the best choice for users .

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