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December 4, 2007, AMDHD3800 Series 7 Series motherboard graphics and IC TC74LVXC3245FS and new product release, "Wenjin International Hotel in Beijing, held in New channel conference. In this conference, shows the number of AMDHD3800 and 7 series graphics cards new series of motherboards, which covers the industry's leading motherboard, graphics card vendors, card manufacturers are Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Abit, Colorful, Onda, Jetway, Unika, Yeston, DFI, etc. in more than a dozen brands within the product. AMD Greater China, Mr. Jiang Yangfan channel manager to come to the venue, the participating IT professionals from hundreds of media and channel distribution partners and expressed the new AMD chipset board's significance. # # # # # 2.4GHz wireless technology has now become the mainstream in wireless transmission technology, the mouse, 2.4GHz wireless technology, transmission distance can reach 10 meters, which account for a large wireless technology than the 27MHZ advantage. 2.4GHz frequency band within the meaning of a work , 2.4GHzISM (IndustryScienceMedicine) is the world's general public to use the wireless frequency band, Bluetooth technology that work in this band, to work in the 2.4GHz frequency band can be greater and greater use of anti-jamming capability. With the product to high-end development, more and more 2.4GHz wireless mouse started off in the market in many mouse

TC74LVXC3245FS Suppliers

Apple has begun a revolutionary initiative in the iPhone mobile phone is equipped with the accelerometer, you can make the monitor automatically from portrait into landscape. Competitors quickly follow. Now Apple has used a number of innovative applications iPhone's accelerometer, including games, health care, physical training and TC74LVXC3245FS Suppliers and a lot of developers come up with great care the numerous other applications.

TC74LVXC3245FS Price

And, chip and TC74LVXC3245FS Price and system-level optimization need to determine how the sensor in the field between the part and the central control part of the distribution of computing power. Expected until 2010, the United States less than half of the national power grid section enables digital, which means plenty of room to save electricity. Ultimate goal is to achieve a product called "self-healing network" transmission system, the system can diagnose and fix their own problems, through a complex integrated system on chip (SoC) will be aware, communications, storage and computing with features such as integrated . By upgrading the existing power supply network to the intelligent network that is expected annual cost savings of 100 billion U.S. dollars, to hundreds of billions of watts of energy conservation.

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