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from 2006 to 2007, including domestic investment in Hohhot, including 15 billion of polysilicon have a dozen projects, completed under construction Planned production capacity of polysilicon up to 6 million tons, only about 2008 can be formed to almost 2 million tons of polysilicon production capacity, but according to authoritative estimates, 30% of the relevant annual growth rate of industrial computing, the domestic demand for polysilicon 2010 is not more than 1 million tons.

TC7WH14FU Suppliers

It is learned that the first video and TC7WH14FU Suppliers and Hua News Group cooperation include lottery, gaming and other entertainment services within the multi-functional digital consumer, home networking, wireless, communications and business applications industry-standard processor architectures and cores of leadership vendor MIPS Technologies announced, ViXSSystemsInc. has scientific and technological cooperation with the MIPS, the use of MIPS32TM74K&# 8482; and 1004K&# 8482; platform of advanced set-top box, networked TV, Blu-ray discs and has a transcoding function video network processor applications. ViXS is an innovative and advanced multimedia solutions, the global leader, has used these platforms to help customers develop next-generation IPTV and cable set-top boxes, advanced multimedia gateway and Blu-ray player / recorders, MIPS in these areas have a leading position.

TC7WH14FU Price

Chinas semiconductor industry through the decades of development, has emerged a number of large enterprises and TC7WH14FU Price and industrial clusters, many technology products are relatively mature, but still a considerable number of The existence of the business small and scattered to grasp core technology is the development of Chinas semiconductor companies have to break. The face of financial crisis, Tian Hubert spoke of two "adhere to the" One to adhere to technological innovation, technological innovation is the soul of existence, the semiconductor industry is a technology, capital-intensive industries, technology companies can develop only in order to meet the market development needs. Second, insist on the management of innovation, the father of modern management Peter Drucker in his ? "efficiency and effectiveness of the theory" that the efficiency and effectiveness is the development of the two pillars, only the rational use of resources is only possible under the same conditions, making enterprises lower costs, new product development faster, better meet customer needs. Yue Jing High-Tech enterprise in the face of the impact of financial crisis, brought, in addition to the above two insist, but also focus on new market development, a lot of preliminary preparation, maintenance, and the old customers to do the depth of development more refined, more specialized, more detailed, service to do better, and actively explore new market areas, distribution of new marketing channels for the industry to the economy to pick up prepared in advance; Finally, the field Hubert said: "We are from the financial crisis erupted since to strengthen the three hearts, that is, the confidence, determination, balance mind, our company of one mind, united, firm ride. all through the management and technical improvements to overcome difficulties, through the crisis. "Hong Yuexiong: national policy to help private enterprises in a crisis warmer

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