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Ic TC9130P

MAG WB9A as an entry-level 19-inch widescreen and IC TC9130P and DVI interfaces do not provide this, albeit regrettable, but considering their low price, my friends will stop "to Han bike" the. MAG WB9A now offer 2,150 yuan, but according to the tree is understood that in the near future it

TC9130P Suppliers

TV navigation market now can say good and TC9130P Suppliers and bad, in fact, many consumers do not know there are differences between digital television, not only different sizes, different quality, different television ratings, and even the materials used and the technology is not to do the same. As the flow velocity in the constant field of the leading GPS companies, but also eager for TV navigation. GPS TV radar gun in the constant leading to the advantage not only of other visual products, the proportion of the best high-definition picture quality, but also joined the 100Hz/120Hz speed technology, a good solution to the trailing phenomenon, can bring life, color soft screen effect, but also with ease eye fatigue. For sports like soccer that scene, if not a good solution to smear the screen, may have scored the ball, the screen is also fixed in the goal before the screen, greatly affect the viewing, GPS, radar gun in the constant TV function using the latest technology can be very good to avoid this situation. In addition, GPS radar gun in the constant TV is also a 3-year pre-paid charges, you can watch the encrypted channels, this is definitely a bikers in terms of good news. Here let us look at the ringing of the TV navigation bar !

TC9130P Price

× 23600 new core codenamed Brisbane, FSB 200MHz, multiplier of 9.5, clocked at 1.9GHz, slightly lower than the 90nm version of the 2.0GHz; but in the secondary cache, the new increases a × 23600 times for 512KB × 2 design. In product packaging, old and TC9130P Price and new products is no clear distinction between; in the upper right corner of the new product packaging also indicated the 65nm3600 TDP processor power consumption is 65W, but the actual test the new processor in the heat when overclocking control and overclocking better. × 23600 Who can become a great new partner? the answer is only Biostar TFORCE550SE! it is NF550 best chipset motherboard overclocking, the performance of AMD have impressed even.

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