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Ic TCM1520AP

French nuclear company Areva to participate in 1996 nuclear power business in China, France, China had transferred half of the second generation and IC TCM1520AP and second generation nuclear power technology. China has 11 nuclear power plants in operation, there are four from French are mine, many of them have been so successful the Daya Bay project.

TCM1520AP Suppliers

However, we now wish to do a hypothetical, if not similar, you can drive the entire industry, a major step forward in technology, information industry, how the future like? Of course, we also have a lot of scientists do for the contribution of technological innovation, and TCM1520AP Suppliers and strength in this area I believe would not be weaker than our competitors. We believe that its now suspect that a certain "may" "might" be happening, it is better that things will not happen, because we do not see what technology can really bring about change to promote the information industry of the development. For example now we speak more of the Web, servers, tablet PCs, digital applications, these will bring a wave, will not be transformational. But even without these, the industry still have to move forward, to have faster chips, higher density storage, better ways to develop software ... ... all these will still occur, which is progressive Some progress.

TCM1520AP Price

Capital expenditures from 2010 observation, TSMC from the original 48 billion U.S. dollars, increased to 5.9 billion, surpassing Intel's 5.2 billion, second only to South Korea's Samsung's $ 22,880,000,000, UMC also increased to 1.8 billion dollars, which is invested 45/40 nm and TCM1520AP Price and 28 nm process, 22/20 nano and other advanced process research and development.

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