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Ic TCM810JENB713

And now, Parviz developed using nanotechnology to monitor worn on the eyes. This micro-display applications bright future. areas in the so-called augmented reality, that is where all the required supporting information, such as navigation arrows, building descriptions, graphics or language translation, operating instructions, can be widely applied. In this regard, New Zealand Canterbury University, an expert assessment of augmented reality Ma Ke Bi Lin He Manchester said: "A contact lens will be the real world and IC TCM810JENB713 and virtual graphics seamlessly link up, this is a huge step forward. Although this idea has yet to be achieved when commercial day, but this prototype is in this important step in the direction of ."

TCM810JENB713 Suppliers

But the survey also showed that the breakdown of cell phone banking "killer" factor of the top three factors for the use of security, reasonable rates and TCM810JENB713 Suppliers and the actual application, as high as 65.4%, 49.9% and 45.6%.

TCM810JENB713 Price

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