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Ic TDA1301T

Comments: This is the phenomenon of swarm PV project is a good thing its hard to conclusion. Behind the boom in investment polysilicon, we also see the domestic in polysilicon technology there are many deficiencies. Although many domestic enterprises have begun to address this area, or further expansion of production capacity, but because the technology behind the development of polysilicon is also faced with many problems. The worlds major polysilicon production countries are actively seeking new technology and IC TDA1301T and new technology. The very active in research and development, and the emergence of many new achievements and technological breakthroughs. This also indicates that the worlds polysilicon industrialization production technology of a new leap forward is coming. Chinas polysilicon industry in order to seize this opportunity, we need a major breakthrough in technology.

TDA1301T Suppliers

Doulin Ping said that energy-saving alternative to halogen lamps, incandescent is already a general trend, the current obstacle is the relatively high cost of promotion, as well as waste generated by energy-saving light pollution. Previously, due to the small number of energy-saving lamp applications, it brings the pollution problem has not been enough attention, and TDA1301T Suppliers and a large number of applications with energy-saving lamps, mercury emissions have caused excessive concern of the relevant state departments, but, so far have not found a very effective solution. As the mercury waste in the energy-saving lamps do not have the re-use value, therefore, whether manufacturers or distributors are not willing to pay for this cost. And even if it is relevant departments responsible for the recovery, the absence of packaging waste during transport, energy-saving lamps and easily damaged. In addition, many focus on recycling sites can only take good care of bulbs, but do not have the energy-saving lamps dismantling of the related equipment. Therefore, how energy-saving lamps in the "energy" at the same time to achieve "green", will be the promotion of energy-saving lamps this year, an important issue.

TDA1301T Price

Promotion energy-saving lamps in the previous two years and TDA1301T Price and achieved remarkable results, were all over the country to promote the 180 million energy-saving lamps, energy saving effect is remarkable. In 2010, this activity will continue, but had different, the recovery of the problem is expected to receive more attention.

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