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Ic TDA1519

4) developed a number of mouth -12 HXGN RMU series. 12KV, 630A, 20KA (50KA peak). Special Dian as its structure: The isolated SF6 load switch, and IC TDA1519 and most three-phase switch was arranged in vertical alignment with the bus line outlet with switch - fuse combinations.

TDA1519 Suppliers

Secretary-General of Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference, the North sub-rayleigh Group Engineering professor Zhang Yihe science, General Logistics Department of Health Drug and TDA1519 Suppliers and Instrument Xu-Ming researchers, Hebei University of Zhang Sixiang Professor, "modern scientific instruments," Hu Baishun magazine editor, Optical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai edge light Bei money deputy chief engineer, Hefei Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Meyer Dr. Deng Wenping, the original Chinese Academy of Life Sciences and Biotechnology Professor Wang Lianbang, North sub-Rayleigh group vice president of engineering and other industry experts Zeng, academics and business representatives attended the meeting.

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It is understood, iPhone4 phone window glass need to go through mold development - is expected to open - CNC engraving - Trimming - coarse grinding - polishing - steel - - Cleaning - Coating - Screen Printing - Drying - proof treatment - assembled - finished and TDA1519 Price and other complicated process. Is the most difficult to produce white iPhone4 color, paint too thin, the white light, paint smeared in thick, and reach the thickness of the provisions of Apples products, which can not precisely fit the lower touch panel. A part of the production process are so sophisticated, so complex, the mobile phone can imagine how complex the production process.

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