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Ic TDA16888

IC industry, said lack of engineers, in fact, with the development of the domestic IC industry, the shortage is not just engineers, marketing, project management, production management and IC TDA16888 and so the demand for talent is becoming increasingly apparent. At present, the domestic IC industry in all aspects of human chain to some extent there are "crux", lack of personnel to become the bottleneck of industrial development.

TDA16888 Suppliers

Average deliveries Click to enlarge the map * deliveries by the buyers and TDA16888 Suppliers and sellers PartMiner website statistics from the contract confirmation. This chart shows that the seasonal changes in supply and demand components. Average price Click to enlarge the plan * the average price by the buyers and sellers PartMiner site statistics from the contract confirmation. This chart shows that the seasonal components size="1" font> ranked the hottest components Model 1NE5521N2S87C7511N243MC3372D4EPC2LC205MC68HC711D3CP26EL4430CS7DAC4815AP82N70029DS1321S10TC59S6432DFT-80 Click here to see a more detailed chart * This ranking users size="1" font> ranked the most scarce components Model 1INA139N2K4S281632ETC753AD5302BRM4LTC1878EMS85DS1620S6AD822AR7MAX232CPE8LH28F016SCT-L959E28F320J3A-10010IRFZ44N Click here to see a more detailed chart * The ranking by the users of the site in 2005 PartMiner out of stock on February statistics from inquiry.

TDA16888 Price

because 3G is an emerging market market, the semiconductor manufacturers in the field of competition are at the same level, not too much affected by the history of strength, the semiconductor manufacturer is no obvious advantages and TDA16888 Price and disadvantages between the difference. Which vendors can be developed core technology, which companies can achieve competitive advantage in this position. Vendors in this market has great room for development. The corresponding 2G market, through these years of development has matured, the companys position in this market has been basically stable, the development potential is very limited.

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