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Ic TDA2030

AS1358 / 59/61/62 series provides the default range of 1.4 to 4.5V output voltage, 300mA output voltage accuracy of under 1% can be achieved very good. AS1361/62 also working to add the power (power-ok) output, when the output voltage falls outside the specified range will alert signal. 300μs turn-on time is only the number of pins help to achieve system level dynamic power management. In addition, these devices also have thermal and IC TDA2030 and over-current protection. The new series of ultra-low-noise LDO 150mA (AS1358/61) and 300mA (AS1359/62) output current for the selection of two, can provide enough power for various applications.

TDA2030 Suppliers

global communications, industrial, medical, automotive designer and TDA2030 Suppliers and manufacturer of analog ICs, austriamicrosystems has introduced AS1358/59/61/62 series, expanded its low dropout regulator (LDO) product line. The series can be optimized under the conditions of less than 1kHz typical and up to 92dB PSRR 9μVRMS outstanding noise performance. Austriamicrosystems advantage of the new products provide the market with similar products in the highest performance LDO products. AS1358/59/61/62 Series 2V to 5.5V power supply in the work, is the standard double or three single lithium battery-powered applications and ideal for LDO. These new ultra-low noise IC at 150mA low dropout voltage of the time of 70mV, when the 300mA 140mV (only AS1359/62), the current work is only 40μA, shutdown, only 9nA, can maximize battery life.

TDA2030 Price

"just say one day will be the commitment to eliminate harmful chemicals can not guarantee that the company has received high rankings. To be a leader in environmental protection, electronics manufacturers need to ensure that to market the products completely free of harmful chemical substances, and, no matter which country in the world, they should fulfill the social responsibility of recycling, recycling old products to provide customers with the service. "Yue Yihua said.

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