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Exterior, the Nokia 1202 with a candy bar design, 1.5 inches TFT main display materials, a resolution of 96 × 68 pixels, body measurements size is 105.3 × 45 × 13.1mm, weight 78.0g, very Light, body side blue, button face is black, the color is not monotonous, if observe, the top of the Nokia 1202 phone has a flashlight, user-night use.

TDA6402AM Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) Linear Technology has introduced a series of isolated power for the buck regulator design of the performance and TDA6402AM Suppliers and simplicity of DC / DC converters. These primary and secondary-side circuits using multi-phase (PolyPhase ?) operation, the two circuits used to implement current sharing and parallel to provide higher output current. Other advantages include self-starting capability (no additional transformer winding), no optocoupler design, fast transient response and synchronous rectification for high efficiency operation. The chipset supports standard output voltages such as 5V, 12V, 28V and 52V, and low voltage as low as 0.6V. In addition, they allow the use of inexpensive and sold in the magnetics and discrete components. One application example is provided 36VIN ~ 72VIN 3.3VOUT/30A or 1.2VOUT/100A input range isolated power output. LTC3705 and LTC3725 primary-side controller is a positive drive. LTC3705 is a dual switch driver and the LTC3725 is a single-switch operation of the more simple version. LTC3706 and LTC3726 secondary-side integrated circuit is a self-starting synchronous rectifier current mode architecture. LTC3706 suitable for multi-phase, while the LTC3726 is simpler and ideal for single-phase work. To further simplify the design, Linear Technology uses a proprietary technology, through a tiny pulse transformer insulating barrier on both ends of the gate drive signals and DC bias power supply multiplexing. Chip design flexibility of the group to achieve standard and custom footprint isolated power supply. Linear Technology is designed to help customers to provide schematics, bill of materials, simulation, design documents and presentation boards. In addition to design support, and DC / DC module compared to customers can also save a lot of cost. 1,000-piece quantities, LTC3705, LTC3706, LTC3725 and LTC3726 respectively, the price of $ 2.63, $ 3.88, $ 2.56 and $ 3.19. Performance Summary: LTC3705/LTC3706/LTC3725/LTC2726 * simplify the isolation of the group-chip multi-phase power design * Working to allow parallel circuit very easily, in order to achieve higher output power (LTC3706) * Fast transient response without optocouplers * * synchronous operation for high efficiency (up to 94%)

TDA6402AM Price

· NVIDIAQuadroFX5800 - the industry's first and TDA6402AM Price and only 4GB memory ultra high-end solution that provides the current highest visual effects and performance, so that professionals can handle large models and data sets.

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