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Ic TDA7050

sales rose 9.6%, to 87 billion U.S. dollars. As the proportion of high-priced products to expand the supply, sales growth exceeded sales growth. IDC believes that "high-performance products to support Windows Vista in the second quarter of 2007 (4 months to 6 months) on the market. These new products group is doing very well, so there is no decline in average selling price."

TDA7050 Suppliers

International Data Corporation (IDC) survey released, 07 in the fourth quarter (October ~ December) the global microprocessor shipments for two consecutive quarters refresh the record. Data show that compared with the previous quarter, servers up 17.0%, 6.5% growth in the field of desktop computers, notebooks grew 10.3%, the overall increase of 8.5%.

TDA7050 Price

Innovation goal is that by 2010, significantly improve the chip design capability to develop a number of core chip with independent intellectual property, mainstream design level to 0.13μm ~ 90nm; machine application of the domestic focus of the proportion of self-developed IC products reached 30%. Chip manufacturing technology to achieve large-scale production 12-inch, 90 ~ 65nm; packaging and TDA7050 Price and testing industry into the international mainstream, virtually System in Package (SiP), chip, flip chip (Flipchip), ball grid array package (BGA),, chip-scale package (CSP), multi-chip module (MCM) packages such as the scale of new production capacity. 12-inch part of the key technology and equipment, materials, and a breakthrough into the production line applications.

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