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Ic TDA7073AT

organic light emitting display products, the most critical parts of organic light-emitting materials, and IC TDA7073AT and inorganic materials, organic light-emitting materials can be obtained molecular design and chemical synthesis, a wide range of sources Therefore, one out of organic light emitting display to obtain a relatively wide recognition and rapid application, from small size to the size, is now gradually transition to the large size. Mobile phone, digital camera applications have emerged, OLED TV is also gradually becoming more mature. In addition, OLED display applications in addition to other applications, such as lighting, etc., indicates good prospects for the development of OLED.

TDA7073AT Suppliers

most of the local IC design company CEO or management team of technical experts returnees, readers "sprit_moon" that these experts have superior sense that the market is very simple who do can. "These technologies came from CEO and TDA7073AT Suppliers and gentlemen, a little too confident, thinking that their own superior technology. Sometimes in a segment achieved little success, the companys product line will soon open to expansion, initiated security measures, but Finally, surround and annihilate the market, all broken up. "He suggested that small companies should be doing homework in a market segment penetration, do not occupy 50% of this market segment share, do not consider the second product line, every market to go hand in hand, easier said than done? Little do they know the mountains there, and people beyond.

TDA7073AT Price

new field of energy, the development opportunities that larger solar and TDA7073AT Price and wind energy. As we all know, the development of new energy is the biggest obstacle currently facing power generation cost. From the current technology and industry capabilities, the existing solar and wind power may be the closest to the actual cost of power generation applications and the Internet.

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