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Ic TDA7293

After several decades, especially in the construction and IC TDA7293 and development over the past decade, China has basically formed instrumentation relatively complete variety of product categories, with a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system, as Asia excluding Japan instruments other than the second-largest producer. According to incomplete statistics, the annual output value of less than 500 million business not included in the statistics, some military enterprises and products not included in the statistics, in 2003 the total number of manufacturing enterprises in China Instrument 2232, industrial output value of 97 billion yuan, sales income of 921 billion; including medical equipment, industrial output value and sales revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan. Among them, the industrial automation and instrumentation and control system 620 the number of enterprises, 28.5 billion total industrial output value, sales income of 28.2 billion; instruments accounted for 28% of the entire industry, 28.5% and 29%. 525 total number of enterprises of scientific instruments, industrial output value 26.3 billion, 25.1 billion yuan sales income, the data are about 25% of the total industry. Electronics and electrical measuring instruments 285 total number of enterprises, industrial output value 14.8 billion, 14.7 billion yuan in sales revenue, respectively, 13% of the total industry, 14% and 14.6%. Total number of enterprises of other types of instrumentation, industrial output value and sales revenue less than 34% of the total industry. "Ninth Five-Year" has been especially in the last three years, China has developed rapidly instruments, the situation is very good, mainly in the following areas. 1, instrumentation industry gross industrial output value and sales income of the average annual growth rate of more than 12% in 2003, an annual growth rate of 26.2% in 2002 and 25.4%. According to more than 30 domestic manufacturers of analytical instruments Statistics show that total 2002 sales of approximately 10.4 billion total sales in 2003 increased by 40%, expected in 2004 will continue to grow 40% to 20 billion yuan.

TDA7293 Suppliers

The dual-core microcontroller family with industry-leading 32-bit Power Architecture? Technology (ST product model is SPC56EL, Freescale is MPC564xL), suitable to support a variety of automotive safety applications, including improved vehicle efficiency of electric power steering device (electric power steering), power and TDA7293 Suppliers and driving performance can be improved active suspension (active suspension), shock brake systems (anti-lock braking), and adaptive cruise control (adaptive cruise control) function of the radar.

TDA7293 Price

In the first quarter slowdown in Chinas electronic information industry, efficiency declines, the Ministry of Information Industry is expected, with the major investment and TDA7293 Price and new market development have been launched, the electronic information industry will recover in the second half of the growth of the whole show "to open lower high walk "of development. Ministry of Information Industry, Economic System Reform and Economic Operation Department official said, despite the beginning of the electronic information industry by adjusting the product structure, market competition effects, the overall situation is not ideal, but into the second quarter, the Olympic construction has entered a critical stage, a new generation of mobile communication system construction is about to start, digital television will also be gradually extended, from last year around the major components of the project have been introduced into production, will lead a new round of industrial-scale expansion.

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