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Ic TDA7294

VIA Technologies, responsible person that can short-listed "recommended list" is determined to not more than the promotion of green VIA calculated results. VIA declared "energy-saving low-power chip technology," low-power architecture using CoolStream and IC TDA7294 and PowerSaver and TwinTurbo two power technology, energy-saving processors with excellent performance, including the VIA C7-D desktop processor maximum power consumption of less than 20W, the mainstream processor 1 / 3 to 1 / 4. The notebook computers and other mobile devices for the VIA C7-M processor, the general application of the mean power consumption of only 1W. There are the worlds lowest power x86 processors - VIA EdenULV500MHz processor, the maximum design power is as low as 1W, standby power consumption of only 0.1W. the second stage, Jiangsu Menglan, not a listed company, intends to market, may be the recent stock market is not very good, have not heard the message. Chinese Academy of Sciences and can apply for funding.

TDA7294 Suppliers

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computer co-founder of Beijing and TDA7294 Suppliers and Jiangsu Arts BLX IC Design Co., Ltd. 51% stake in Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computer Science, 49% equity interest in Jiangsu Arts 2002.9.22 CAS identification number issued 2002.9.28 Godson 1. 2002.12.23 Godson Industry Alliance, Alliance Unit: CAS Institute of Computing, Haier Group, Great Wall Group has a long soft Corporation, soft-shares, Red Flag, Dawn Group and BLX IC Design Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Arts exit, by Godson the concept of a handful of fishing in the stock market:) In 2005, the Godson-2 appears, BLX IC Design Co., Ltd. Beijing relationship between changes in investment by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing Institute of Computer Holdings BLX IC Design Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Menglan investment. Then another industry alliance established Godson, Godson Laboratory of class action. The whole process, the first stage, the CAS benefit (there did not get state-funded, not sure), and Jiangsu Arts certainly benefit, the concept of Godson in the stock market by a handful of fishing to leave Cleveland.

TDA7294 Price

2> I believe the Chinese people have the ability to have the appropriate intelligence and TDA7294 Price and talent to complete some of the world high-tech stuff, including the CPUs design and manufacturing. Therefore, all discussions in this article are for Godson, Godson is only just, not what the national standards, national intellectual property rights, national security, like the stuff, do not and labeling discussions. Godsons life experience:

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