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Ic TDA7467D

deregulation to the Olympics as an opportunity, sustainable development of Chinas IPTV industry 2008 Nian 1 month, "the State Council General Office of Development and IC TDA7467D and Reform Commission and other departments on encouraging the development of the digital TV industry notice a number of policy, "introduced, for the development of IPTV provides policy tone. One is on radio and TV open, it can enter the telecommunications value-added services, and telecommunications access can participate in building the radio and television network, "triple play" the time is mature, with most of Chinas implementation of reform, the "triple play "will usher in the good development opportunities and achieve the" triple play "steady development.

TDA7467D Suppliers

In order to maintain brightness uniformity, LEDTV the high side of the LED backlight module usage has been the main reason leading to high costs. Benefit from the light guide plate technology and TDA7467D Suppliers and LED luminous efficiency of continuous improvement, the 2010 LEDTV backlight module will be four sides out of the light strip designed to replace the original six-light side of the light of Article IV of the framework, direct save 1 / 3 lighting costs. WitsView analyst Qiu Yubin said backlight module light source LEDTV total cost of more than 50%, this breakthrough design Jinliang Cheng estimates will bring the cost of the backlight module thin. In addition to leading Korean system, the Taiwan-based panel makers are also expected from 1Q10 production from the same design principles adopted TV panel.

TDA7467D Price

Li Junfeng also pointed out that the current lack of domestic PV industry pricing policies mature, but the state will continue to take power project in the form of concession tender to explore and TDA7467D Price and reasonable pricing. "Is expected during the second five in the PV industry, China will be introduced similar to the benchmark price of wind power, there are differences in the price of resources." He said.

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