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Ic TDA8051T

IT168 News has news that South Korean companies Samsung hopes to launch before the third quarter of next year, with OLED screen notebooks. According to Samsung, the global head of sales and IC TDA8051T and marketing KyuUhm revealed that the company is now the worlds largest OLED display manufacturers. KyuUhm added, once the OLED display can be achieved in notebooks official business, Samsung will launch the first laptop with OLED screen. Market research firm Gartner believes that the mainstream notebook OLED display within the next five years will be tremendous growth, its market share will be higher. Samsung OLED technology is undoubtedly the strong support of one of the manufacturers, the company had even been shown a notebook with a AMOLED display prototype. Overall, however, was released near the end of 2010 than the Samsung OLED laptop had been delayed nearly a year the forecast of a long time, Moreover, this time we do not know whether the scheduled launch of Samsungs OLED laptop products.

TDA8051T Suppliers

mobile phone design industry faces reshuffle in the form, 3G will not be a straw? In fact, we do not need much care. In 2007, we witness the progress of science and TDA8051T Suppliers and technology, and technology to improve our lives. In wireless technology, storage technology, virtualization, and other aspects which will affect the future development of the products appear. the third quarter of this year, spend only 93% of TSMCs production capacity for manufacturing, while in the remaining months of their 300mm production line is clear to open horse power for production.

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9 Yue 14 Japanese foreign media reports, TSMC plans within the next few months 40/45nm 300mm wafer processing product production. Although the previously expected fourth-quarter chip sales may be down 3%, but still decided to 40/45nm TSMC process 300mm wafer production capacity increases by 1 / 3. According to their plan, the remaining four months this year, TSMC 45/40nm300mm wafers per month on average to reach 40,000, while the average monthly production in the third quarter was only 30,000.

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