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Outlook 2008, the LCD panel supply as end-market demand continues to grow, then panel production capacity is limited, so the market is widely expected to come this season, the panel supply the situation will remain tight in the monitor panel prices may even be as early as March or even since the only stable prices. 2009, the domestic production of polysilicon is about 2 million tons, about half still need to import. And the low quality of domestic polysilicon products, poor quality, so the Ministry of Commerce of the restrictions are considered short-term impact of polysilicon industry is limited.

TDA9801T Suppliers

Chinas domestic IC design companies pay more attention to the accumulation of completely independent intellectual property rights, and TDA9801T Suppliers and patented technology as a magic weapon for strengthening the technological competitiveness. Vimicro applied for more than a thousand items of international and domestic patents, Spreadtrum has hundreds of patent applications, and many small and medium sized IC design companies are using proprietary technology to achieve the companys core technology competitiveness. Suzhou Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Shun core is the first high-end audio IC products targeting the enterprise, the company has already won a number of audio technology patents, and its songs Qingdao Haier products have been the adoption of end users and IDH, annual shipments tens of millions of pieces. Shenzhen Sea Technology also focus on the core patented technology of accumulation, has been applying the low temperature coefficient bandgap reference, the signal sample and hold circuit, the gated clock generating circuit specifically for high-precision ADCs patent, the patented technology of these unique advantages to help them products have a wide range of successful applications. "Restrictions on the polysilicon has been basically established, is not allowed polysilicon exports and processing trade." Informed sources said.

TDA9801T Price

"in the 80s, Taiwans relatively small size, limited energy plant expansion; the same time, Taiwans labor shortage. Mainland has a lot of land and TDA9801T Price and cheap labor. "October 11, 2008, the Shenzhen Taiwan Business Association, Huang Mingzhi in an interview with this reporter, this year described the Pearl River Delta region to the migration of Taiwanese background. Earlier, sources within the Ministry of Commerce said it would include polysilicon, "two high" laid down the final list of concerning not only in the discussion stage. Informed sources, almost all settled now, only a thin posting.

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