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Ic TEA1061

Although the Chinese domestic market, no major changes in competition, but some communication equipment manufacturers involved in communication power supply market to achieve self-sufficiency will reduce the amount of communication power supply procurement; while chip manufacturers the expansion of the power management has eroded away a part of the small power supply market share. To compensate for the loss of market share in this part of the power module suppliers are also looking for new growth markets, such as customized power supply, provides power and IC TEA1061 and other ancillary products.

TEA1061 Suppliers

from 1 / 8 brick to 1 / 16 brick, in reducing the product size while maintaining high power output is no doubt a contradiction. In this regard, Lu Yong said: "The response to this contradiction, there are two main ways, first is to improve the efficiency of power modules, power modules, followed by improving the thermal resistance of air. To enhance the efficiency of power modules, we chose the power optimization topology, the full application of the semiconductor industry advances, the selection device; to improve the cooling, we have strengthened the thermal design, the device arranged to improve processing methods and TEA1061 Suppliers and technology. through a combination of these two aspects, so the module can reduce power volume, increase power density while maintaining its high reliability. Hongtai current power level of interest and foreign similar products flat ."

TEA1061 Price

mine can demand for more features and TEA1061 Price and customer selection, focusing on transforming its full line of 1 / 4 brick, 1 / 8 brick, 28V output 1 / 2 brick, all brick products and non-isolated products, focusing on improving efficiency, dynamic response and thermal uniformity. 28V power supply to the base station, for example, half-brick series of up to 94% efficiency, output power maximum 450W; the efficiency of the whole block up to 95%, the highest output power 600W, relative to the mine to the first generation of amplifier power supply module efficiency by about 5 %, greatly improving the overall efficiency of the power amplifier and power amplifier reduces the heat, higher power density for power amplifier design. In addition, miniaturization, the mine can 1 / 16 brick series 3.3V output up to 25A, power density up to the 300W/inch3.

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