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Ic TEA1401T/N2

Right side set up a navigation joystick and IC TEA1401T/N2 and a return button, can be up and down, and OK to return to action. Found in the process of using these two buttons can be regarded as the highest utilization rate.

TEA1401T/N2 Suppliers

FSP has been listed because of their excellent quality, the market has always had a good reputation, the company's a model for the whole of Chinese pilot version of the power of a 600 listing of the diamond to the concern by the majority of PC gamers, according to Dealer Quote this power has dropped by 659 yuan. FSP 600 Diamond Edition leader in support of Intel and TEA1401T/N2 Suppliers and AMD design specifications, using the active PFC design, effectively reduce the power burden.

TEA1401T/N2 Price

OMAP3525 OMAP3503 addition to the basic features with In addition, to better meet the high-definition video, images, audio and TEA1401T/N2 Price and multimedia acceleration needs. OMAP3525 uses an integrated C64x + DSP, combined with exclusive video and image processing circuit, as well as dedicated video centric peripherals, can support 30 frames per second frame rate of the implementation of MPEG-4 SP and 720p high-definition decoding, so it is suitable for use in portable media players.

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