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Ic TEA1506T

Bright Electronics OB221X series switching power supply products to improve product performance, reduce costs, reduce energy consumption, outstanding performance, is the ideal alternative to linear power supply. Bright OB221X series includes OB2211, OB2211H and IC TEA1506T and OB2212 chip that integrates a high performance PWM controller and the primary side MOSFET power switch, the internal integration of programmable constant voltage constant current (CV / CC) design, and short circuit protection and automatic recovery mechanisms; chip patented by Bright "green engine" technology, standby power consumption less than 0.3W, Europe and China meet the CEC energy efficiency standards; in system design without optocoupler, TL431, and X / Y capacitors, thereby effectively reducing the system cost . In addition, the frequency of proprietary extensions (Frequency shuffling) technology and an external adjustable gate drive to improve EMI characteristics of the system and shorten the design cycle.

TEA1506T Suppliers

2007 Nian 10 months, Himax Technologies announced the split LCD TV and TEA1506T Suppliers and chipset business and established the order of 100% owned subsidiary of King Technology, Himax Technologies pointed out that this After the capital increase, CMO, TPV will hold 6.6%, 4.4% stake in Himax still holds a majority stake in science and technology landscape contractors, but declined to give other details of the spectacle. Chi Mei Optoelectronics side said that this investment of about 9000 million, made 600 million shares.

TEA1506T Price

Mouse with symmetrical design, ergonomic shape make this mouse feels very comfortable to use, prolonged use will not fatigue. With non-slip rubber material on both sides of the mouse, left and TEA1506T Price and right buttons are recessed parts of the design, but also help users to fully control the mouse, very user-friendly design.

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