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In Xiaojun, said embedded operating system is a component of the operating system, the biggest feature is the ability to crop needs of the application, and IC TEA8172 and embedded operating systems have their own very good security, after cutting out of the system, the use of the device up, the first security and stability, and the second to save a lot of resources, not to a complete operating system all inside. "All of us in the application of PC when there is a feeling, a PC can be applied to our features, including some resources are limited, the average person will use the PC for 20% to 30% of the features and resources, so the embedding Type the biggest benefit is the security and stability and can be cut, customizable. "functionImgZoom (Id) / / reset the image size to prevent the bursting table {varw = $ (Id). width; varm = 650; if (w <m) {return;} else {varh = $ (Id). height; $ (Id). height = parseInt (h * m / w); $ (Id). width = m;}} window.onload = function () { varImgs = $ ("content"). getElementsByTagName ("img"); vari = 0; for (; i

TEA8172 Suppliers

"Cookies" This fusion of LG full touch screen mobile phone the latest design concept, not only unique in appearance design innovation, functionality is in continuation of the LG Touch technology leader in the field, with a touch screen mobile phone have all the basic functions. 3.0 inches wide full touch screen provides enough space for creativity and TEA8172 Suppliers and hand editing, allowing users to enjoy pictures, movies, Internet, games and other entertainment, the experience fresh and vivid visual impact. Touch screen display for the three-dimensional, dynamic Flash interface, dazzling 3D flip effect than the traditional five-way navigation button double the fun, gently wave is another round of new heaven and earth. Desktop widget Widget is essential popular, especially for the distinctive, independent self tidal wave of men and women who, in a unique fashion identity of the phone's desktop is the practice of one of the highlights. Two functions of different components of intelligent desktop, finger-on-demand 3D stereo effect can be realized to switch easily show double-face. Calendar, clock, radio, multimedia players and other high-degree of freedom and the lovely image of the desktop tool can follow the user's favorite, the convenient free on your desktop drag not only increased the pleasure of touch, leaving the daily operations become more convenient, flexible and simple. Desktop icon to open the two favorites in the premise, shaking neatly arranged phone can be realized, but also to drag and drop rearrangement, demonstrated and fun personality. Contact the desktop shortcut can be customized up to 9 a close number, telephone, sent messages can touch. "Cookies," the touch operation accompanied by "force feedback", the user touches the screen at the same time, the phone will immediately send the corresponding vibration, people like to touch the pulse of mobile phone experience with a new three-dimensional man-machine interaction. Consumers around the screen by finger and sliding mobile phone user interface can be carried out at different conversions with ease and experience the "flip" feeling. In addition, smart phones equipped with acceleration sensor technology, the screen orientation will be done under the direction of the hand changes in vertical or horizontal, to achieve the optimization of daily operation.

TEA8172 Price

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that the semiconductor giant Intel (Intel) within 2 weeks get 2 large acquisitions that have helped prove the spread of high-tech industry is a saying, the economy worse, the greater the acquisition of handwriting. Intel was generous in August 19 at 77 billion acquisition of McAfee, 30 Ri 1.4 billion Youyi buy Infineon (Infineon) for wireless chip unit department.

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