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Actually, all of the GPS with the PC hardware architecture no different, but Most of the products of the operating system is closed, we can only use the specified function obediently. However, manufacturers have to increase the product selling points, the GPS out of the operating system open to develop a more PC-like functionality, and IC THC63LVDF84A and even allows consumers to self-install the software.

THC63LVDF84A Suppliers

Freelander V6 optional navigation system is still well-known map makers by Kay Rucker 3.0 introduced the latest version of the map software include as many as 5.2 million of the mass point of information and THC63LVDF84A Suppliers and seamless coverage 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), 362 prefecture-level administrative and 2862 county-level administrative region of the countrys road network and achieved 100% coverage. Users simply type in the name of the origin and destination, 858 can provide path planning between the two places, and in the meantime set up through the ground and avoid, the overall design is very user friendly. In addition, the software also supports voice navigation, speed tips, electronic dogs and other more useful features, users can successfully reach the destination to provide fast, accurate service.

THC63LVDF84A Price

In addition to navigation, the machine also supports Bluetooth hands-free functionality, which enables users to receive calls, dial-up and THC63LVDF84A Price and replay, call log information, operation, as the need to take the course to play while driving Phone a friend to provide the greatest convenience. Also, the machine can support AV reverse video input, and can automatically switch to reverse video (can be set to mirroring.) Entertainment, it also supports MP3, WAV, WMA and other audio formats and AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, MP4, 3GP format files such as video playback, and can view JPEG, BMP and other image formats, feature rich, user has It must be able to experience the unique driving tours.

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