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Ic THS10064IDA

It is understood that the production of "Barbie" and IC THS10064IDA and a world-renowned U.S. toy maker Mattel in "Barbie carcinogenic storm" and then encounter a "magnetic storm." U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on November 21 local time, there are three children from the product due to swallowed magnets fell out and injured, Mattel is recalling about 4.4 million "Little Polly" toys and childrens clothing. It is reported that, in relation to the recall of 4.4 million "Little Polly" toys and childrens clothing, about 2.4 million sold in the United States, local, and the remaining 2 million sold overseas. These "little Polly" toys and children were in May 2003 to September 2006 were sold at 15 dollars to 30 dollars. Which the company did not immediately respond. Yesterday, our reporter from the Shanghai office market, Mattel Department was informed that, at present, Chinas major shopping malls of the "Barbie" toy counter has "little Polly" toys and childrens clothing sale. But when a reporter asked whether the recall involves the Chinese market, Mattel Shanghai Representative Office official said, as of yesterday afternoon, the Shanghai office had not received news about the recall. The stakeholders stressed that the current market in China, the "little Polly" toys and childrens clothing all domestic production, sales, and this is not necessarily related to the recall of toys produced in China, so the current domestic sales of "Little Polly" toys and children are safe, reliable, and can feel comfortable buying. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that a total of 170 received from the product of small magnets falling out of the report. Among them, 3 children injured were suffering experienced intestinal perforation and required surgery. A two year old child has been hospitalized 7 days, a 7-year-old child hospitalized 12 days, another 8-year-old children are admitted to the hospital. Late last year, Mattel has also suffered a blow. At that time, the industry have reflected the companys "star" - "Barbie Doll" cancer-causing chemical composition containing phthalates.

THS10064IDA Suppliers

With the GPS being used more and THS10064IDA Suppliers and more vehicle owners, IT and consumer electronics products as the GPS market competition has entered the era of white-hot a few years ago was also the profits of the GPS through the wash several times the market plates, to preserve the brand and now the GPS is not much to do fine at this stage cheap, puerile, to seize the market share is the GPS manufacturers to survive.

THS10064IDA Price

For different shooting conditions, the Sony DCR-HC96E offers Super NightShot and THS10064IDA Price and Super electronic anti-shake function. Super NightShot plus infrared, low light conditions at night, still good quality can easily capture dynamic images; the super electronic anti-shake feature can eliminate the unnecessary images during shooting jitter to avoid blurring.

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