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Ic THS124

nowadays the most popular consumer electronics industry, what is? There is no doubt the answer is 3D. From the beginning of "Avatar" to "Alice in Wonderland," "Gods of War" and IC THS124 and the hit 3D film, and then to 3D version of "Titanic," the planning, 3D movies to the consumer bring unique experiences and feelings.

THS124 Suppliers

Dongying first stop Binnan heavy application of PLC technology electric dehydration system, due to adjust in a timely manner, its accuracy has been greatly improved, thus ensuring the smooth running of electric dehydrator, effectively reducing the water content of crude oil exports. Also, because the electric field steady, gradually reduce energy consumption, and THS124 Suppliers and annual benefits up to 334,300 yuan. They use the existing electric power valve dehydration Kong, interface sensors, pressure sensors and other available resources in the electric installation of a dehydration Kong PLC (programmable logic controller), these devices connect with the PLC. Taiwan Power PLC can be collected each dehydrator pressure, temperature, and boundary data such as place value to the screen display the data in the form of real-time changes.

THS124 Price

The one hand, tend to clear excess capacity, while the other is importing large quantities of polysilicon. "Last year, with the actual capacity of about 2 million tons, the actual output of only 1.8 million tons, can not meet each year over 40,000 tons of domestic demand, there are over 20,000 tons to be imported." Gao Hong-Ling said.

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