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Ic TJA1040T

MIC of Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and IC TJA1040T and Chinas TFT-LCD production line capacity found in Taiwan in 2007 to 43% share of the highest, followed by South Korea 40%, while the forecast to 2008, Taiwan still occupy the first, with 42% market share beyond 40% of South Korea, China 5% behind. The comparison TFT-LCD production line capacity

TJA1040T Suppliers

"China Automotive Electronics Industry and TJA1040T Suppliers and Technology Seminar" on November 21 was successfully held in Guangzhou. The forum on Chinas auto electronics market and industry development, industrial policy and the future development of automotive electronics market trends in-depth analysis and discussion. This workshop comes "2007 Fifth China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition" period, attracting a large number of vendors involved in the industry, manufacturers are still some representative made a wonderful speech on the forum. For example, CCID Consulting IT field as a domestic authority of the representatives of advisory bodies; Foton as the representative of Chinas domestic auto industry; Renesas, Intel, Fujitsu, Infineon, NXP, TI as the worlds leading automotive IC and solutions vendor representative; Visteon as the worlds leading automotive electronics manufacturers representative; FAW Qiming as representatives of the local automotive manufacturers; Ritu is currently emerging as a vehicle navigation and map vendor representatives.

TJA1040T Price

Park view, affected by seasonal factors, NAND Flash prices will significantly drop the first quarter of next year, but the whole industry is positive, because there are a number of companies a high proportion of 8-inch plant is expected to produce 8-inch fab NAND Flash in the middle of next year will gradually retire.

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