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Microcontrollers by Flexi The intelligent robot to play air hockey level comparable with the common man. The application of the FTF presentation hall, a rally with the person causing the air hockey robot visitors interest. According to field staff, the robot uses Flexi Freescale microcontroller, can be selected using a compatible 8-bit or 32-bit device, the robot reflect the sensitivity to change. In fact Flexi Freescale family of microcontrollers is introduced for the first time last year FTF, the purpose is to "connect" 8-bit and IC TJM4558CDT and 32-bit MCU, it is compatible with the pin and the same peripherals and development tools enable system manufacturers to seamlessly transition from 8-bit to 32-bit systems. FTF this year, the company introduced for the appliance and industrial applications, the new Flexi AC micro-controller, in particular an interest in the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) has been optimized for applications, inheritance Flexi family tradition, the launch of The Flexi AC also includes two pin-compatible 8-bit and 32-bit devices are low voltage and low-power S08 device with the V1 ColdFire MCU. This may be the Chinese semiconductor vendors can emulate. These companies plan to deploy around the world by sales resources to expand their business.

TJM4558CDT Suppliers

"Perfect Worlds game in South Koreas successful operation, has the industry seen the strength of Chinese enterprises." As the worlds leading online game developer and TJM4558CDT Suppliers and operator, South Korea NCsoft Corporation CEO Jin Zechen when interviewed in the Chinese online game companies in R & D strength of praise.

TJM4558CDT Price

demand in the downstream and TJM4558CDT Price and upstream of the slow release of new capacity under the double impact of polysilicon industry has become the countrys hottest new industries. Many companies, many cities competing silicon industry projects launched, this phenomenon is known as "crazy polysilicon." online games company in China in competition with each other at the same time, the overall performance of the power of the face of foreign online games are also improved.

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