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Ic TK10200MTL

MAXQ7665/MAXQ7666 embedded 16-bit RISC MAXQ microcontroller core, which has a 16 x 16 hardware multiplier and IC TK10200MTL and 48-bit accumulator to enhance performance. Devices can be up to the rate of processing per MHz 1MIPS digital data and implementation of user commands, consuming only 0.25mA current per MIPS. Device integrates a 512-byte data SRAM, and 64kB (MAXQ7665) and 16kB (MAX7666) automotive-grade flash memory. Chip with 12-bit buffered voltage output DAC, all the way UART port (for LIN 2.0 communication), eight general-purpose I / O or a CAN 2.0B-compliant ports, etc. to provide analog and digital outputs.

TK10200MTL Suppliers

As a generation machine emperor, T8588 has begun to go beyond the hardware 1Ghz of CPU frequency, the system is also more humane, more stylish in appearance, more convenient in use, it will represent the smart phone new trends, and TK10200MTL Suppliers and Dopod also hope T8588, create a new era of intelligent machines.

TK10200MTL Price

Face of increasing pressure of urban life in the car and TK10200MTL Price and trying, Garmin (Jia Ming) services, "without limit" in China, opened a "fun without limits, surf no limit," the high quality service. Garmin (Jia Ming) in the professional under the guidance of the spirit and attitude, focused on providing Chinese users with the international standards of efficiency, quality services: from time to time "Member Day" for the users with the most sincere greetings of caring, communication life of infinite space, to create the user's brilliant navigation of life; Garmin (Jia Ming) to provide online and offline activities, given Garmin (Jia Ming) Member distinguished enjoy and experience; Garmin (Jia Ming) members can enjoy a personalized logo, rich driving fun, light trucks faithful wonderful journey of life without limits. Garmin (Jia Ming) done in dedicated service to the user of a machine in hand, the world's best in the "palm" grip, high-performance services.

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