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Ic TL061CD

Yi Jie Technology "integrity, innovation, a total of win, excellence "philosophy, with our strong R & D team, efficient production management, first-class service system, scientific marketing strategies, to build the first domestic mobile hard drive to become global brands and IC TL061CD and mobile storage solutions provider The author reviews the confidence and determination .

TL061CD Suppliers

It is understood that the medium-sized and TL061CD Suppliers and national service on the United States in differences, the merger is completed, will be unified with States United States standards. The U.S. side said the country, both in medium and large consumers had purchased any goods, so long as service in the country within the United States, you can enjoy the service.

TL061CD Price

LED lighting technology in Jiangxi Province, the authority of experts, for example, 60-watt incandescent, life is only 1000 hours, light effect only 12lm / W, total power 1505 degrees; 15-watt fluorescent lamp, life expectancy in 6000 ~ 8000 hours, the luminous efficiency reached 50lm / W, the total power consumption was 327 degrees, while in the current LED technology, the 8-watt LED, up to 30,000 hours life span, the luminous efficiency has 75lm / W, the total power consumption only 240 degrees, 2015, performance can be doubled.

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