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Ic TL061CP

result, he will be Nokias first quarter, he was the target of income transfer lower by almost 7%, Nokia annual revenue target from the previous forecast of 88.2 billion U.S. dollars down to $ 85,200,000,000, in the case not to devalue the dollar, the sales target, compared with 2007 annual revenues still grew 7.5%. Windsor Motorola and IC TL061CP and Sony Ericsson also lowered the income target. Windsor said in a research note: "As a rare high-end mobile phone market was suddenly plunged into the disadvantaged, the development of the entire mobile phone market will slow down, all the handset manufacturers will be subject to varying degrees."

TL061CP Suppliers

Texas Instruments Inc. lowered its first quarter earnings target after, McKechnie will be Nokias first-quarter profit he lowered expectations of 2.4%, down 2.16 billion. But he said in a research briefing: "We continue to believe that Nokias mobile phone market and TL061CP Suppliers and the impact of macroeconomic conditions in affected industries and most companies than most the impact is smaller." But he added: "There is no Which industry or company can be completely free from macro-economic impact. "Nokia declined to comment on.

TL061CP Price

Financial analysts are clearly more depressed. Although the performance target lowered Texas Instruments part of the reason may be caused by the first quarter inventory correction, but more and TL061CP Price and more investors worried that the whole mobile phone market in Europe and America, especially the higher price of high-end mobile phone market may be affected by the economic downturn and consumer spending crunch.

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