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complete system protection features include low input voltage protection, soft start, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and IC TL064CDT and thermal protection system provides the most comprehensive protection, small size The SOP-8-P package and few external components reduce the printed circuit board area, with a heat sink for the thermal conductivity to the printed circuit board, dramatically reducing the surface temperature of components to meet customer demand, the operating ambient temperature range from - 40 ° C to 85 ° C. 20 IC packaging and testing the worlds largest manufacturers of 2009-2010 income and growth

TL064CDT Suppliers

industries, in February 2010 the IC packaging and TL064CDT Suppliers and testing the worlds first giant Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (an average of 2-3 cases per year acquisitions) nearly NTD 13.5 billion acquisition of USI 59% of the shares of electrical, ASE 77% stake. USI is the customers downstream manufacturers ASE, ASE further stabilize the order after the acquisition is expected to increase in 2010 revenues in the industry nearly 50%. August 2010, ASE $ 67,680,000 acquisition of Singapore EEMS, to further enhance the strength of its testing business. December 2009, the worlds second-largest LCD IC packaging and testing company acquired International Semiconductor Qi State, becoming the worlds largest LCD IC packaging and testing companies, revenues in 2010 increased by 165.8%. The end of December 2009, Yan Hing PPt merger, expected in 2010 revenue increase of 142.6%, and jumped two ranking as the worlds third largest IC substrate manufacturers. South Korean consortium under the STS Samsung semiconductor packaging and testing from the memory IC packaging and testing ideas into logical areas of revenue in 2010 increased by 130.2%.

TL064CDT Price

Industry experts said the level of product technology of car dashboard low, monotonous design, product durability and TL064CDT Price and reliability, the digital low level can not keep up vehicle development. In addition, compared with developed countries, the technical level there is a large gap. Although the domestic car dashboard digital world looking car instruments, but the domestic development of local enterprises do not have the technical requirements.

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