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Hitachi Zosen, Lee Cheong Industrial and IC TL071CP and Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute of Earth Environment (RITE) jointly developed the use of carbon nanotubes (CNT) in the large-capacity capacitors, used in combination with batteries for electric vehicle driving tests have been successful. Hitachi Zosen responsible for the use of CNT capacitor components manufacturing technology development, Lee Cheong Industrial high pressure responsible for the development and manufacture of the conductive paste suitable for continuous and large-capacity capacitor unit trial. Capacitor using CNT compared with other rechargeable batteries, the output density, long life and excellent environmental resistance. Moreover, compared with the use of activated carbon capacitor can be repeated charge and discharge in a short time. As a key element, developed a set of electrical materials in the capacitor continuous coating CNT technology. In addition, CNT-based electrodes to establish electrical double layer capacitors of continuous manufacturing technology, with new electrolyte (ionic liquid) combine to achieve a large capacity. The goal of technology development is the power-storage capacitors used in hybrid and solar power and other areas of a body, from the experimental results, the great hope to achieve in the use of hybrid vehicles. Ten function 5: Support E-book (txt format), business / students / visitors, meeting / study / travel, different industries apply different environmental conditions.

TL071CP Suppliers

SEMI China Hong great consultantsAugust 11 17:00 pm news, Chengdu Cension Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "into the core") expired listing transfer of assets, but did not deal. This means that the core may be extended into the listed time, until the collection to the intention of the transferee. Business Name: Contact famous :010 -8253989015311110600 Technology Contact: Miss Kim Address: 11th Floor, Zhongguancun Electronics Electronic City, Room 1120,

TL071CP Price

compact, with the temperament of it; solid, reliable reputation is its ; simple, practical is its personality; the basis of traditional optical imaging technology with the latest electronics combined achievements Kodak Classic - luster effects. Performance and TL071CP Price and Innovation in traditional philosophy and pragmatism, creating new portable card Kodak M380. Portable optical imaging giant Kodak Digital Card Camera Posted M380. As the new M series of products, Kodak has followed M Series Fashion Machine / pocket machine principle, metallic shell, compact body, gives a sense of fashion.

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