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Maxim launched ultra-low jitter, the two output clock generator MAX3622. Devices and IC TL072ACP and proprietary low-noise VCO PLL architecture, from a 25MHz crystal resonator have 2-way 0.14psRMS (typ) ultra-low jitter clock output. In addition, the device PSNR (power supply noise rejection) of up to-57dB, greatly reducing the power of the jitter noise environment degradation. MAX3622 LVPECL and LVCMOS buffers integrated, can provide 125MHz LVCMOS and 156.25MHz LVPECL output frequencies, thereby reducing the number of crystal oscillator. The ultra-low-jitter precision clock generator is ideal for Ethernet switches / routers and other network devices.

TL072ACP Suppliers

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TL072ACP Price

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