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U8500 is an integrated platform for smart phones, which uses the latest SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) dual-core technology-oriented open software platform for all the major high-performance, low power and IC TL074CNSR and cost optimized solution. U8500 is also the first to support full-HD 1080 progressive scan portable camera-enabled mobile platform. High-end dual-core SMP processor and the combination of 3D graphics accelerator, U8500 enable the next generation of smart phones provide a full Web browsing experience.

TL074CNSR Suppliers

Hainan Branch Railway official said, according to preliminary site and TL074CNSR Suppliers and technology to determine that the accident was malicious damage, methods of crime is very skilled, agile. Perpetrators who may possess advanced communication technology, and after training.

TL074CNSR Price

focus on AVS (the second generation source coding standard) ground decoder chip, the Shanghai Longjing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has recently developed the AVS decoder chip used in HD players. "In the international financial crisis under the current IC (integrated circuit) design a very difficult day, many small-scale IC design companies have folded. For us, pre-focus on the AVS terrestrial digital TV decoder chip, but Currently this market is difficult to fast start, so we only walk on two legs: revenue and TL074CNSR Price and reducing expenditure. "Shanghai Longjing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. President Liang Chunlin also feel the pressure of the international financial crisis," On the one hand, we find ways to hold down costs The company has already effective digital photo frame is not good, LCDDRIVER (LCD driver) to stop the production line; the other hand, the company efforts to develop a number of effective, application of recovery of funds as soon as possible, we are also developed based on this consideration AVS-based high-definition disc player. "

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