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this year, used in high-end smart phones in the back-illuminated sensor shipments will reach 33.4 million group, the next 4 years, BSI will significantly expand the market size of nearly 10 times the group shipped 300 million point of view. By 2014, iSuppli expects to have 75% of high-end smart phone in the back-illuminated sensor with this year, the proportion of this application is also expected but only 14%. MT6802 is a pollution-free environment-friendly products, and IC TL431ACD and its extended temperature range -40 ℃ to industry standard +85 ℃, and the use of WCSP-9 and DFN-8s package. At present, the device has entered the production process.

TL431ACD Suppliers

Maxic (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Maxic Technology Corporation) announced the launch of a new 2.7W single-channel filter-free Class D audio power amplifier - MT6802. The device features high output power, high power supply rejection ratio, low distortion characteristics, mainly used in mobile phones, cordless phones, MP3/MP4, digital camera and TL431ACD Suppliers and GPS in the.

TL431ACD Price

Transfer from International Electronic Business Net article by the editor-dimensional database of electronic information: National Instruments Announces NIVXIpc-882 embedded controller, which has a two-slot VXI embedded controller deal with IntelCore2Duo device T7400. As the current industrys highest performance VXI embedded controller, the VXIpc-882 controller than the current typical single-core controller with faster processing capabilities. In addition, by using NILabVIEW8.6 graphics controller and TL431ACD Price and software can be combined together, engineers can create high-quality performance of the VXI system.

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