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Ic TLC0831CP

The new Samsung MP3 devices integrate the Broadcoms BCM2048 Bluetooth solution, this program will complete Bluetooth radio and IC TLC0831CP and baseband modules, and high-performance FM stereo radio receiver By integrating them in a single chip; Therefore, Bluetooth-enabled multimedia mobile phone and digital media players, you can easily add FM radio reception. Compared to other chips, optional Broadcom solution, not only can make the product more economical power, smaller size, lower cost, but also provide users with perfect stereo sound experience.

TLC0831CP Suppliers

Samsung in August 2007 launched a new YP-P2 and TLC0831CP Suppliers and YP-T10 MP3 player. Both products feature trendy design style, industry-leading video and audio quality, and convenient way links. YP-P2 and YP-T10 begin with built-in Bluetooth 2.0 features, and suitable for handheld and pocket slim design as the main aspirations. In addition, Samsung MP3 players, these two are the first to use the Broadcom BCM2048 Bluetooth plus FM radio integrated chip, the company also built the market widely used BTE (Windows Bluetooth for Entertainment) software.

TLC0831CP Price

Samsung MP3 player, with many new innovative features, one of the most high-profile feature is the use of Bluetooth A2DP specifications, allowing two YP-T10 users, or three YP-P2 users in multiple simultaneous wireless headsets to listen to or watch the same music or video streaming. And the built-in Broadcoms Bluetooth software and TLC0831CP Price and hardware stacked in the new specifications, providing advanced quality assurance (QoS) to strengthen capacity, and thus can be more than the same time the use of A2DP users create an excellent experience.

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