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BlueSkyPositioning in Berlin, Germany has announced its new GPS package is a complete development can be streamlined to a SIM card, right, is what we usually store the telephone and IC TLC27L4CD and contact information of the mobile phone SIM card. Maybe we increase memory capacity SIM card, or what is new and the use of encryption technology is not cold, but the replacement of a SIM to get GPS reception, Im sure will be a lot of people of all ages. The title has it all, in Berlin, Germany BlueSkyPositioning Corporation announced that its newly developed full GPS package has a SIM card can be streamlined, the right, is what we usually store contact information of the mobile phone and SIM card. GPS receiver developed rapidly in recent years, the volume is also getting smaller and smaller, but this volume reduction in terms of GPS equipment may be said to have symbolic significance. BlueSkyPositioning companys SIM SIM card products and standards in exactly the same form factor, the use of the A-GPS technology, so a lot of data processing are sent by SMS or similar device to be, but is technically still a great challenge . Many of the GPS device on the antenna demanding requirements must be completely external, but the companys SIM card BlueSkyPositioning obviously can not do this, of course, this is BlueSkyPositioning technical secrets. BlueSkyPositioning CEORistoSavolainen company, said: "We are just beginning to have realized this point, our products due to the internal phone, it is sure to be around the metal layer around. This is the secret of our technology. Anyway, when we remove the battery , the signal is out of SIM card will not be there. "Some low-end mobile phones because only supports text display, GPS positioning using this SIM card function will be limited. But for the most high-end mobile phones, have to say that support JSR177 or use the WindowsMobile and Symbian OS smart phones, GPS services can be obtained by positioning the whole map or the best route choice function. BlueSkyPositioning said they have produced such a SIM card, GPS device prototype is expected in July this year, will produce the official samples.

TLC27L4CD Suppliers

As a leading communications, consumer electronics and TLC27L4CD Suppliers and computer industry value-added services distributor, RTI, through its network of 13 sales offices in a variety of semiconductor products. RTI (Reliability, TechnologyandIntelligence for reliability, technology and intellectual acronym) provides both a direct sales agency services, but also a real value-added reseller (VAR)), provides a high level of technical support and in-depth application engineering services.

TLC27L4CD Price

Harvard University chemistry professor Charles Er Si Lai Bei Er together with colleagues has developed a diameter of a human hair 1 / 20000 solar cells. The new battery can be used as electronic components not only for micro circuits, or first able to finish the transformation of nanoscale optoelectronic devices.

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