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MP3 product purchases 20 to 28 year olds group, the most prominent is the family of students, ZINO cleverly chosen brand operations targeting this population consistent with the band Dada, through a combination of pull and IC TLC27M4ACD and the young consumer by distance.

TLC27M4ACD Suppliers

capsule camera technology is a substitute for the human digestive tract endoscopic examination of the technology. MagnaChips imaging products are designed to be swallowed, capsule camera to two images per second velocity imaging, and TLC27M4ACD Suppliers and wirelessly transmitted to the patient or by medical personnel wearing the hand-held recording device. The capsule camera is capable body of work up to 8 hours, up to 50,000 images taken.

TLC27M4ACD Price

Technology, MSI MS-HK501 Flying Wang automatic hydraulic roller with FDB balance technology, equipped with advanced wireless suspension GMR head design, but embedded SATA Chuizhi recording, close the multi-buffer design three-dimensional Jiegou

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