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Ic TLC32044CFN

machine manufacturers of such integrated short-wave radio chips used in the function of MP3, MP4 also have misgivings about, God Bless Technology Group Vice President Hui Feng told " China Electronics News "interview, said that now more and IC TLC32044CFN and more consumers return to the essence of music, they are increasingly demanding high sound quality, AM demanding conditions on the receiver, so if you can not solve the interference problem, then it is difficult in MP3, MP4 the popularity of what it costs there are still a problem, and now the MP3 market is fiercely competitive, any part of the cost will increase the competitiveness of the product impact. However, if the premise of not increasing the cost, technical difficulties have also been solved, they will consider short-wave radio features integrated chips used in MP3 and MP4 on. "It brings more features for consumers, why not? But only if the cost and technology is not any problem." He stressed.

TLC32044CFN Suppliers

Also, according to New Energy Finance (NewEnergyFinance) recently released the silicon material and TLC32044CFN Suppliers and silicon price index, has signed a contract agreement in 2009 the average price of polysilicon decreases 43%. According to the companys 10 domestic and international buyers and sellers of silicon wafer production of the confidential data of a wafer of silicon material and the price index report. The index shows that the signed delivery of polysilicon in 2009 the median price of supply in 2008 the median price fell by 43%; from 2008 to 2015, the annual long-term polysilicon contract prices are falling in 2013 years will be below 67 U.S. dollars per kilogram, compared with the current in the middle of a full 67% drop in price. However,

TLC32044CFN Price

compared to the market price reduction is still the main theme of speakers, but the three strategies gave promise of Shucu speaker market in recent years to bring more variables. Hold promise in the previous three regional distributors of the National Assembly in 2007, the three clearly independent of Connaught Xin Lijun, general manager of power amplifier, "two and TLC32044CFN Price and a world" target market. In the general appearance of the iFi-311 version of the ad situation directly to Su Shi's "Niannu Jiao. Remembering Dongpo "as the main content, directly to the" River, faded away, eternal heroes "of war mobilization of the national distributors.

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