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two days, because of work requirements, the reporter went to a Xinhua Street, Huadu District, internet cafe. However, different from the past, the cafe front not only to journalists produce their identity cards, also said that to the Internet, you must spend 10 dollars to buy a uniform by the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the card. , Told reporters that he was temporary access, not to become a member of Internet cafes, without buying cards. But the waiter has said that they had received notice of the Public Security Bureau, the future can not provide temporary access to the Internet services to the Internet, it must be their members, by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department to purchase a public information network monitoring at the producers on the card. This card, rebate does not change, the value of 10 yuan.

TLC555CDR Suppliers

a new Internet cafes in Guangzhou regulations quietly implemented the size of the cafe. With the public card (temporary card) the cancellation of all Internet cafes in Guangzhou to cancel a temporary Internet access. Correspondingly, it is Guangzhou in the network management of real-name system took a big step forward in cross into the "one person one card" of the Internet cafes real name card stage. Already have online registration card measures, why should the introduction of Internet cafes real name cards? For this change, Internet cafes and TLC555CDR Suppliers and Internet users are what the industry think?

TLC555CDR Price

next week, concerns the virus: MDropper releaser variant Z (Dropper.MDropper.z), the degree of vigilance . The virus uses the latest Microsoft Office Word vulnerabilities spread the virus, the virus when a user opens a Word document, it will automatically release a Trojan virus and TLC555CDR Price and run. Since Microsoft has not provided a patch for this vulnerability, users need to remain vigilant of its variants appear.

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