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This product is 22-inch widescreen LCD with a resolution of 1680x1050, brightness of 300 lumens, 3000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, gray response time is 2ms, the display signal input connector 15-pin VGA to DVI and IC TLC7733IPWR and dual interface. The display system of certification by the MicrosoftVista, want to upgrade the operating system the user can rest assured that use.

TLC7733IPWR Suppliers

Bartow that, EnergyStar3.0 boot the power consumption of the TV standard, will allow the flat screen TV makers to reconsider the use of display technology. For example, the plasma display technology for high power consumption than LCD, I am afraid will face more stringent view; but LCD TVs may also have problems, because the display needs of the entire backlight. According to foreign media reports, Intel is expected to release six-core processors before the end of Dunnington.

TLC7733IPWR Price

DisplaySearch Greater China president, Hsieh is also still in the popularity of 3D industry, but the 3D display is the direction of future development of flat panel display technology, while the more obvious advantages of plasma TVs. According to Displaybank forecast, by 2013, more than 86% of the plasma TV will support 3D technology. Therefore, in the 3D era, plasma TVs is likely to rebound, market share expansion, the so-called "delisting" is not exact.

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