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Dual-drive a new generation of ultra-thin compact disk array storage systems, storage bus A380 body than just the two 3.5 "hard drive is slightly larger for the 17.7cmx12.3cmx8.1cm, and IC TLE2022ACD and resembles a luxury bus, and a silver , black. enclosures are used in all high-quality aluminum alloy material, with the complete screw-free, dual hard drives Withdrawing installation design, seamless metallic storage devices not only demonstrate professional qualities, the most important thing is to do in the operability greatly optimized, easy to use .

TLE2022ACD Suppliers

Lanxin multimedia speaker industry as a domestic brand, frequently published this year, a variety of 2.1,2.0 and TLE2022ACD Suppliers and 5.1 speakers, each new addition by the industry are concerned about the Sword. Recently, the upcoming Lanxin 2.0 pairs Box M-2201, may be called 2.0, the culmination of multimedia speakers, with almost perfect sound quality and luxurious design industry to become the highlight of the second half of 2008, while also demonstrating Lan Welcoming in the multimedia field strength.

TLE2022ACD Price

[Brand Model] LGKG70 [Reference price] 1199 yuan [sales business] Hongxin through mobile phone network [business address] 11 Main Street, Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun e World Digital Plaza, Room 1156, 11th Floor, Block C [business telephone] :010 -6268497062684971 Beijing, Lanzhou :0931 -8873919 Shenyang Shenzhen :0755 -8304848183048482 :024 -8850422688516395 Wuhu :0553-3886395

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