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Thai quartz component manufacturers Electronic Arts (TaitienElectronics) recently released a new product model 3225PXType. The company said, PXType product size of only 3.2mm × 2.5mm, is the latest generation of micro programmable crystal oscillators (3225ProgrammableCrystalOscillator), the technology has to keep pace with Japans well-known manufacturers. Quartz component factory in recent years in response to a variety of electronic communication products on the market development trend of small, developing small quartz crystal components, however, the development of small quartz chip production technology and IC TLE2074IN and high threshold is not easy, is the quartz component development of technology in the most difficult part of the 3225 general assembly to be used quartz crystal 2.0mm × 1.2mm chip. If we add a different oscillation frequency, different frequencies need to be developed chip, then the high cost of research and development into a more slow micro quartz component factory of the steps. Thai Electronic Arts has launched a PXType the product features can be programmed to any oscillation frequency (the frequency range between 1 ~ 110MHz), and to the frequency error value is only + /-25ppm (when the ambient temperature is -40 ℃ ~ + is between 85 ℃). Working voltage is 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V ultra-low voltage power to meet the market demand for products of all kinds, and good jitter performance. In addition to having more quartz components PXType high stability properties, the most prominent feature is the combination of programmable semiconductor properties, in a very short time, frequency and size of the products of burning process. Pressure from stock limit orders for a change in the past after the first production methods, and the stock type production, one can ship orders. Thai Electronic Arts said that the current economic recovery, the quartz component market is demand is greater than supply, the plants have extended delivery of orders, but the PXType product adopt the stock type production, purchase quantity 50,000 pieces in the following order, to ensure that within a week goods. Currently, 3225PXTYPE programmable crystal oscillator has mass production stage, is expected to maintain a sufficient supply from the fourth quarter of this year required by the market, began offering a large number of orders for short-term supply.

TLE2074IN Suppliers

R & S SMAK27 (burst) and TLE2074IN Suppliers and the R & S SMAK28 (power analysis) option is now open for booking. "The high-speed interface solutions that significantly reduce the production of high-performance design of the project risk clients." Creative Electronics President & COO Laijun Hao said. "With our solutions, customers will be able to expect timely and successful design of the case, they can, as usual, shorten time to market and higher profits."

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LED (LightEmittingDiode) light-emitting diode, in the 20th century, was born 60 years after being identified as fluorescent tubes, light bulbs and TLE2074IN Price and other lighting equipments demise. Screen brightness LED light source to solve the problem of inequality and light leakage, etc., not only has excellent brightness uniformity, do not need a complex optical design, thickness and weight of television to achieve a substantial reduction, also has a higher reliability and stability sex. Secondly, in terms of luminescence lifetime, LED service life of the TV up to 10 million hours. If 5 hours of power per day, a 55-year LED television available.

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