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Future Mobile Communication business development is good or bad, attributed the close combination with the channel, close contact with the user. 3G, whether the terminal operators or manufacturers only sell if the "pipe" is to no way out and IC TLE2426CLP and the future. In the ever-increasing number of channels, channel type, while abundant, but also various types of channels and improve the ability of integrated services, allows users to feel the real 3G "practical and easy to use."

TLE2426CLP Suppliers

Beijing market research firm in the PRC, Peng Yu, director of marketing told the "China Electronics News" reporter, 2010, backlight LED TV retail volume is expected to reach 2.98 million units, an increase of 604% in 2009. With more sizes LED backlight TV new products, and TLE2426CLP Suppliers and increase domestic and foreign brands have been efforts to promote mass production, LED backlight TV in the next few years will enter a period of rapid expansion, by 2012, LED backlight TV volume will reach 10.8 million units, while in 2014 will be exceeded 20 million units.

TLE2426CLP Price

Secondly, the development of full service carriers will drive the trend of rapid growth of communication power supply market. All business operations in the telecommunications industry development. Full-service telecommunications operators have both technical and TLE2426CLP Price and regulatory policies of the drivers. The development of the domestic telecommunications industry will follow this trend. In addition to domestic operators China Unicom has a full service operation license, the other carriers are not full-service operation license. The full-service operation, you need full-service network support, Telecom and China Netcom will increase the future mobile network investment, while China Mobile will increase investment in broadband access networks. So that the communication power supply and other equipment will have a good future development opportunities.

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