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Ic TLE4206G

Professor of Fudan University, Institute of Electric Light Sources, Lamps and IC TLE4206G and Lighting Engineering, Mu-Qing Liu Department will be in September 2009 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, 6-7, fifth floor conference room at the 2009 LED lighting Technology and Development Forum, entitled "LED lighting applications in the tunnel," the excellent speech, welcome to take part.

TLE4206G Suppliers

Recently, LED applications are rapidly developing, market demand, the firms also benefit substantially. Taiwan LED upstream extension of the new century, plant received the first quarter gross margin of optoelectronic up to 46.7%.

TLE4206G Price

Trademark Office, according to Beijing Industry and TLE4206G Price and Commerce Bureau of the person in charge, this era of multi-known trademarks, because President Hu Jintao in the "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020)," stressed strengthen independent innovation and building innovation-oriented country to mobilize the General Assembly, will become the history of the development of science and technology is another milestone. Now, the state has increased the support and protection of high-tech enterprises, while the well-known trademark as an exclusive legal concept, can be cross-class protection, which in some Italian speaking, enterprises can bring great economic value, also protect, control, and continue the development of enterprises.

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