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Ic TLP371

And, it is both sensor-driven products, at the same time adopted a new startup sequence to products with built-in sensor, like a smooth start motor. In addition, because the output stage transistors using BiCMOS, produce much more than traditional products of the industry low-resistance MOS FET (1W; upside down with the transistor.) The past three-phase sensorless motor drive also achieved compared to the industrys top level low power, quiet and IC TLP371 and small. Furthermore, in its development of a new stand built the circuit, but also realized the industrys high level of standby current consumption - 50mA.

TLP371 Suppliers

Also, in terms of performance, the use of ROHM PWM control unique new way to power, so with the most common soft-switching drive than it inhibits the noise generated when the motor rotation to achieve a more quiet, low vibration technology. In addition to using this approach to directly drive PWM signal control, in order to achieve low power consumption technology, but also the output current waveform close to sinusoidal waveform, can the motor is extremely smooth and TLP371 Suppliers and stable rotation.

TLP371 Price

Recently, laptops with three-phase fan motor to replace the traditional case of single-phase fan motor is increasing, because the three-phase fan motor with the best power distribution, with stable from low to high speed rotation characteristics, to achieve quiet, low vibration technology, low power consumption of. Over the past three-phase fan motor driver IC, which must use external boost circuit components (4 capacitors), and TLP371 Price and the development of the BH6713NUV ROHM effective use of the original circuit design and Bi-CMOS process, it is not longer need these external components. Moreover, the ultra-small SON010V3030 (3.0mm × 3.0mm Max.1.0mm) package at the same time, reducing the fan motor mounting area, reducing pin count, is the industrys ultra-small, space-saving technology implemented.

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