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Ic TLP521-4GB

WM8350 the cell lithium-ion battery charger supports programmable target voltage, the slow charge mode and IC TLP521-4GB and the fast charge mode and a variety of end-use security features. Even when the battery is dead, the charger function of the automatic power from the USB or power adapter can be to choose, for any instant-on power portable applications. WM8350 with 13 general purpose input output (GPIO) pins, a programmable wake-up used to include system operation and implementation of alternative energy systems function. WM8350 has a high degree of flexibility for the needs of different systems to achieve power increase, power reduction and low power such as optimal control sequence. To help system manufacturers reduce time to market, Wolfson is currently working with some of the leading multimedia application processor vendors to develop WM8350 reference platform and software drivers.

TLP521-4GB Suppliers

chip four 2MHz DC - DC Buck converter can be used as the CPU core, input / output (I / O), storage devices and TLP521-4GB Suppliers and other systems peripheral power supply. Each converter to 25mV step manner, providing an adjustable 0.85-3.4V programmable output voltage, using a small external inductors and capacitors, the highest efficiency over 90%. Two 1MHz DC - DC boost converter is 90% of maximum efficiency, can be used to generate the display backlight and the +5 V power supply plug and play USB. Built-in 4 low-noise 150mA LDO regulator for the audio CODEC, external phase-locked loop (PLL) and other system functions to provide power. Each regulator regulator can step 50mA and 100mA way to provide between 0.9V to 3.3V programmable output voltage.

TLP521-4GB Price

WM8350 built a high-performance, high fidelity and TLP521-4GB Price and stereo capability with advanced mixing CODEC, provides excellent 98dB signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance. It supports six analog inputs, two stereo analog outputs and two mono line outputs can directly drive headphones. WM8350 built-in power management features and power efficiency, comparable to those competitive comparable discrete solutions. A built-in power management controller is responsible for all the built-in DC - DC converter (DCDC) and the low line dropout linear regulators (LDO) output voltage settings, boot sequence, and energy-saving mode.

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